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DOF and circle of confusion

featured image: Andrew Fitzgibbon, placing DOF towards distance in frame. Been thinking about PH Emerson and his differential focusing. This allows the photographer to change the quality of the line (the form) in the image and so can be though a creative choice. Spent a bit of time exploring the technicalities of this, including a …

P.H. Emerson’s naturalistic photography | Khan Academy

featured image by PH Emerson, source: getty.edu The Khan Academy features a useful video on P.H. Emerson (1856-1936), narrated by his grandson and created by the Getty Museum. Aspects on interest to me were: Emerson’s belief in differential focusing – not all aspects of a photography should be in focus as he believed that this was …

Form study #1 – line

On reading about Roger Fry; ‘there had to be more to art than the simple imitation of reality … an expression of emotions regarded as ends in themselves’ (Howells R, Negreiros J (2012), p55). He described the ‘formal’ (ie relating to ‘form’) elements through which emotion is communicated. In the extreme, there is no need …


My name is Andrew Fitzgibbon, an out-of-practice musician, a practicing photographer and hard-grafter in between.

I am based in North Yorkshire, UK and am also frequently found in other parts of our wonderful planet. I share home with my wife, two children and their numerous pets.


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